Fire Staters - Bombs

Fire Staters - Bombs

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Start your fire with ease using Zaytoon 'Fire Bomb' fire starters.


* NO they do not explode, they just look like the old cartoon bombs.


Great for Camp Fires, Fire Pits, Grilling, Fireplaces, and Emergencies.


Each fire starter bomb is pain-stakingly hand-crafted for outstanding performance and quality. Starter bombs are crafted with Apsen wood excelsior, ground Pine, a proprietary blend of natural waxes, cotton, and mineral oxides (colorant) to provide 15-20 minutes of powerful fire starting flame.


Non-toxic and chemical free.

Large & powerful flame gets even the toughest fire going.


Made in USA, with natural materials.


1) Place the fire starter in your prepared wood/charcoal stack.

2) Hold a lit match to the red tip of the fire starter wick until it is burning on it own.


SAFETY:   Place securely before lighting. Do not handle once lit.